Kentucky Family Discovers Baby Owl In Christmas Tree

Christmas decoration. Decoration on the Christmas tree in the form of an owl. Surrounded by beads and garland

Photo: Getty Images

The phrase home for the holidays was taken very literally a Lexington family.

An unexpected twist occurred when an uninvited but adorable guest made itself comfortable in their Christmas tree.

The White family, who consider themselves to be festive people who tend to take Christmas tree shopping seriously, were shocked to discover a hidden owl among the branches. The most interesting part of all is that the little animal managed to blend seamlessly for four days without detection.

The surprising find occurred while Bobby Hayes of Magic Carpet Cleaning was hired to clean the family's decorated home. Spotting the owl nestled on a lower limb, Hayes acted swiftly, managing to rescue the bird before notifying the family. Michele White, expressing her astonishment, credited Hayes for saving the day, jokingly suggesting he belongs on Santa Clause's nice list.

Hayes, avoiding harm to the baby bird, released it into the family's backyard, ensuring its return to a wooded habitat.

The incident, while unexpected, has added a unique touch to the family's holiday traditions, inspiring White to needlepoint a Christmas ornament featuring an owl for their tree.

With the owl safely returned to nature, the Whites can now truly enjoy a merry Christmas.

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