Elle King and Hubby are back together

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Goodbyes suck. Truth is, you can only postpone your flight so many times before you have to play a New Year's Eve show. But sometimes goodbyes are a blessing. Like the big ass SMELL YA LATER I'm giving to 2017!🖕🏻! I look forward to a new stage of my marriage in 2018. Not just forgiveness from each other, but moving the fuck on from it. Dearest friends and loved ones, sometimes you have to drop the fucking bullshit you're so desperately hanging on to. Your grudges, your wounds and battle scars from childhood, your first, and very rough year of marriage, put on your big girl panties or big boy whitey tighties, or both, look at yourself, find YOUR OWN FAULTS. Stop pointing your finger...that's just gonna make your hand tired after a while. This year tore me to fucking shreds. But I'm not lugging that heavy weight into this beautiful gift of a new fresh blooming year that's just around the corner. You're allowed to begin again. You're allowed to be happy. People told me not to post...so I of course am going to post. Thank you to kind souls who understand and give support without judgement. Fergie and I are only human. To the people who have negative things to say, well you're irrelevant and social media is nothing. Just an empty bottomless pit of home decor, weight loss advertisements, and false ideas of what people tell you the world is or should be. Make your own mold. Make your own standard of beauty. Write your own love story. Fuck anyone that doesn't celebrate kindness and love. At the end of the day love is what we live for. And Christmas presents. We fucking live for Christmas presents. I love you fergie. I can't wait to share my new record with the world! Bring on the new year!

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