"This Man Trilogy" is incredible. I give this two thumbs up for the perfect vacation read.  The books are thick, but worth every minute.  You are very lucky because all three books are available now.  Unfortunately, I had to wait, but the wait was well worth it.  The story is a bit tragic, yet joyous(if that makes any sense).  One of love and loss that you expect to find in most books of this genre. The whirlwind of emotions you experience throughout each book will have falling in and out of love with the characters. You will think you have everything figured out, and then the author takes your mind in a whole new direction.  I would love to see these books as a movie, they are truly that good.  It may take you a while to finish the trilogy, but as soon as you reach the last chapter of the last book, you will be happy with the ending.  I promise!!

Happy Reading!