Oh ladies!!  You will thank me for these books!  "Belong To You" & "Made For You" are so very good.  Wait until you see the book covers.  If that is what Jack looks like, I'm in love!LOL  Both these books are very good reads and with the author, things start right away.  It's impressive, she doesn't leave you hanging.  The girls in my book club loved these books and I know you will too.  Be prepared to read all day or all night, because it is impossible to put these books down.  Jack is a powerful, loving-controlling man.  Syd is starting her life new with her best friend in Hawaii.  And that's how Jack & Syd's story starts. Enjoy!

Happy Reading!



I'm on vacay next week, so I will hopefully will come back with lots more books of the week.  But as always, you have any recommendations please send them to me