If you LOVE rock stars, you will love this book.  Now, first let me point out, I didn't realize that this book was a part of my favorite series "The Hart Family" you can imagine my excitement when I finally put two and two together. Ella Fox is a great writer and she knows how to capture your attention and pull you into the characters lives.  If you would like to start with this book, you will be good to go.  But if you want more about the "Hart Family" look below...I have the links for the books in order.  They are pretty steamy, but after all the emails I've gotten from you girls, that's what you like!:)  The Hart Family series is a Club Fifty Fave, the girls and I have read these books and have given them the thumbs up!  Enjoy!!

Happy Reading!

Book 1 of The Hart Family series-Broken Hart

Book 2 of The Hart Family series-Shattered Hart

Book 3 of The Hart Family series-Loving Hart