I came across the first book "Just One Night: Part 1-Stranger" and read the book description and thought, what the hey!!  Oh was I surprised!! You wouldn't think of book(a quick read too) could blow your mind.  I thought I had it figurered out just within the first 2 chapters, I was wrong.  Let me ask you this question..."If you had been dating a guy for 6 years, but weren't engaged.  And decided to go to Vegas for a fun weekend with your best friend and ended up with a stranger at the end of the weekend....would you change your life from normal to living on the edge??"  That's the question to ask yourself while reading this.  I want to keep it generic so I don't give anything away, but I'm very happy to pick up where I left off with "Just One Night: Part 2 Exposed".  I HAVE to know what she decided.  You will understand as soon as you read this book.  Llucky for you, you don't have to wait like I did, book 2 is out and book 3 will be out in May!:) 

Happy Reading!!



Book 1-"Just One Night: Part 1 Stranger"