Can a guy and girl be just friends?? Sometimes yes, but not if you are Julie.  The girl who has carried a torch for Tommy since they were kids.  She secretly hoped one day they would be more, but with Tommy, his fighting career & all the women, she stands on the sidelines and is about to give up.  But will she give up too soon?

This is such a good read and you won’t want to put it down.  Author Abby Niles is a very talented writer with a knack of putting us in her characters shoes.  I loved her book Extreme Love(Love To The Extreme)…Book 1 of this series.  It hooked me!  So, when I heard Abby had another book in the works, I added this on my To-Read list.  I personally don’t think you need to read the first book to understand book 2.  It’s been a very long time since I read Extreme Love and remember a little bit about the story line, but I started Fighting Love without re-reading Book 1.  So, I’m comfortable telling you…it’s a stand-alone. If you like those Built Boys with Tattoos as most of us girls do(or at least my Club Fifty girls do!!) You will LOVE this book.

Happy Reading!

Book 1: Extreme Love