Remembering Whitney: My Story of Love, Loss, and the Night the Music Stopped

"Remembering Whitney" is such a great book.  Cissy Houston, Whitney's mom, goes into detail about her daughters life.  I learned so much reading this book.  For example, Kevin Costner had never met Whitney Houston, but was insistent on having Whitney star in "The Bodyguard".  They were very close friends from that moment on.  Another example, Whitney was originally supposed to play Bernie in the movie "Waiting to Exhale"(one of my top 10 favorite movies of all times)...but she told the producer that Savannah Jackson was more her part...than Bernie. This is just a little bit of what Cissy will tell you in the book.  Unfortunately, this book has tragedic end.  Cissy Houston lost her daughter, but music lost one of the most incredible voices in it's history.