My Dating Life Should Be A Comedy Or Horror Movie, Depending On What Happens.  Things I'Ve Experienced In The Dating World...Well, Let'S Just Say, "There Are No Words!!  And Lots Of "Wth'S".  If You Are Fortunate Enough To Have Found The Love Of Your Life, Good For You And Keep Rocking!!  But If You'Re Single And Looking....I Feel Your Pain!  I'Ll Be Honest With Ya...I'Ve Used Some Excuses To Get Out Of Dates I Felt Were Going Nowhere...Before And During The Date!!  I Could Tell You Stories...But Back To The Subject, Some People Have Used Weird Excuses To Get Out Of Them.  Believe Me, I'Ve Wanted To Tell A Few Of Them, But Didn'T.  I Mean, My Mom Did Raise Me As A Perfect Southern Belle...Right?Lol  But, These Excuses Are Priceless...Crazy Toe Fungus, I Stabbed Myself, I'M On House Arrest...Just To Name A Few.  You Will Love This List...Check It Out!