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The truth about Sunscreen. Most of us are using it wrong.

Heading into a long holiday weekend seems like a great to time to brush up on our SPF use tips. Most of us aren't using nearly enough! Reapply at least once and hour, and use more...
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SUMMER MOVIE PREVIEW: Some of these look great!

Blockbuster summer movies... every movie studio is trying to get one. And by the looks of it, some will!     Check out this run down of some of the most...
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Exercises for better posture and a better booty!

Sitting up straight, strong back, and a better booty... I'm in!     Here are 5 exercises that can do just that! ***CLICK HERE*** ***CLICK HERE*** ***CLICK HERE***...
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Surprising uses for deodorant. Brilliant!

I was already surprised to learn that using deodorant on your feet is a great way to keep your high heels from causing blisters... but now I've just found a few more tricks. If you find...
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Tips to Summerize your wardrobe.

With Memorial day weekend here, it's time to get ready for summer. That includes your closet. How to keep your white jeans white, instant tank top bras, and more... SUMMER WARDROBE...
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Don't get HANGRY! Top 10 filling foods that are guilt free.

The worst part of dieting is feeling hungry. NOT ANYMORE!   Here is a list of the 10 most filling foods... that can help you feel full and do so GUILT FREE! YAY! 1.  Baked...
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Do you FitBit? What you need to know about this new lawsuit.

Do you like to track your fitness or daily activity with a FitBit? I am in one of my FitBit Breaks right now. I take a few weeks off every now and then.  But there is a new lawsuit out...
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Biggest Curling Iron Mistakes We Make.

We've all been there. Your hair stylist can make your hair look amazing, but when you try and recreate the look at home... well, not so amazing. Don't beat yourself up... they are...
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If you LOVE HOUSE HUNTERS, you probably don't want to read this.

I've had a few friends to be featured on House Hunters, so this doesn't surprise me at all. But if one of your favorite "reality" shows is House Hunters, you should know there is very little...
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See why this video got 61 million views in 9 days!

The connection is undeniable... Mother to Child. And it begins immediately. Watch this incredible video that got over 61 million views in 9 days. Like, did you know that is a mother is...
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