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For when you finally give in and get that minivan!

Magic Doors!  That's what my daughter calls them. And yes, they are magic. And so is all the room... and the dvd players, and sippy cup holders. And you know... when you finally...
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Oh great. Your phone is making you weak.

And here we thought knowledge is power!  But turns out reaching for your phone to Google everything is actually making you physically weaker.   Millennials may have the weakest...
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FINALLY! Someone figured out how those YETI cups stay so cold!

The YETI movement is strong. Hats, bumper stickers, coolers, and cups... EVERYWHERE!  And it's because they are so darn cool!  It's crazy how long ice can stay in those cups.  Or,...
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This is totally fake, right? RIGHT?!

Since everyone is an amateur film maker, I'm just going to assume this is fake. LAWD, I HOPE SO!  If not... I'd be swimming a thousand miles per hour and NEVER using that slide again....
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Bottled Water out sold Soda last year, and that's not good.

You would think when the US buys more bottles water than bottled soda that would be a good thing right? Wrong. It highlights a much bigger problem.   It shows that US consumers aren't...
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Why this picture breaks my heart.

I always wanted this feeling... and now I know I will never have it.   This beautiful photo is going viral. It captures the moment the only child becomes the oldest child. Such a...
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LOVE THIS! This soldier's sign brought Miranda Lambert to tears.

You can see at the :35 second mark she reads this soldiers sign. She immediately stops singing, and is soon crying.  She even goes as far to wipe her tears with the sign he made. But the...
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Little known facts about Taylor's fancy RI beach house.

I'm just waiting for my invite to the next 4th of July bash. Until then, here's a little sneak peak from ELLE magazine behind the fence at Taylor's amazing Rhode Island estate. Clearly we...
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Sneak Peak: Britney Spears Carpool Karaoke

I am SO going to watch this. But hey Britney... are you going to sing? At all?  Please say YES!     So excited to see her in Vegas!    ...
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How is this even legal?  We all know someone who needs to keep an EPI pen on hand.  Without these emergency doses, many people could DIE. But when you hear what the company who makes...
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