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Mix Morning Music News!

Mix Morning Music News!


Rick Springfield tells Oprah that he still deals with depression. "It's like a life sentence, it's not something I can go to rehab for. And that's a real drag. "To a degree, suicide still sits on my shoulder every now and then. Which is a horrible thing to say, but it's true, especially since I already tried it once when I was 17 and got a pretty strong signal that wasn't the way to go. I was sure that once I achieved fame and had money and all the worries would go away and depression would leave ... But it settled back down after a while on me, and it always does because you can't heal it from [the outside], you can only heal it from within. And that was a big revelation to me, that fame is not healing."


Carrie Underwood admits that she's not really into cars -- but her husband Mike Fisher is.

Carrie tells People magazine that they recently  splurged on a sports car. "We got one of the new Corvettes. It’s fun and black. We didn’t get a convertible because Mike likes to take it to the [race] track.”

She adds that with their busy schedules, moments of pure romance are few and far between. “We had a good week and a half of true bliss last July on vacation. We traveled through Italy with friends and family, and had great food, wine and hikes.”

The issue of People  featuring Carrie hits newsstands today!


Boy George tells Access Hollywood that he can relate to Justin Bieber. "If you said to me [at the height of my fame], 'You know what? You're messing this up.' I wouldn't have listened because you don't listen when you're that age... you don't and that's a shame because I could've saved myself a lot of drama. A lot of money as well. I am really grateful that I kind of did a lot of growing up out of the spotlight because there [are] enough things on the internet that I hate. There are enough ugly pictures of me out there, so having anymore would be really depressing."



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