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Ed Sheeran tells the BBC that he has been sleeping on friends' couches. "Actually, I'm back sofa-surfing but that's not a financial thing, I've got a flat and I'm doing it up and I can't live in it until August so I'm back to sofas."


Katy Perry was recently performing in London when she gave a beer to a fan and said: ''I was just expecting my guitar but I have a pint of beer ... I've got to stop (drinking it) otherwise I'll be burping through this song. Someone help me out with this beer. I'm looking for a specific person, the guy who was dragged here by his girlfriend. You sir have this and have my cooties forever.''
Ed Sheeran says new album takes him 'outside comfort zone'


The Star claims Chris Brown was recently at an L.A. lounge when the DJ played Rihanna. A source tells the tabloid: “Chris was in good spirits until Rihanna’s song “Diamonds” started playing. Suddenly, he was fuming, pacing around like he was about to start a fight! Things got pretty heated. Chris was absolutely livid. Thankfully, the DJ laughed and changed the song — but it did make a few good minutes of entertainment at Chris’ expense!  Even if this tabloid completely made this up, it still is a really good story.  I really hope it's the truth!!!

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