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Miley Cyrus tells Ryan Seacrest that she was hospitalized because of a reaction to flu meds. “On the sixth day, I just woke up … it was so scary … I had basically been poisoning myself with something I didn’t know I was really scary allergic to. It was insane. I was begging the doctors, ‘Let me out to go do the show!’ It was basically no way. I was crying because I was so bored. I’m laying here hooked to all these machines. Every two hours, some woman comes in and pokes me with a needle, just miserable … I’m just laying here with nothing to do … I ended up doing some online shopping.''


Smokey Robinson tells People that he wants to speak with Justin Bieber. "I know Justin pretty good. But I would love to sit him in a room somewhere and talk with him for an hour just one on one... I would tell him that the guys that you're doing this stuff for, and in front of, and with, they have nothing to lose. He's not only living for himself anymore. He's too popular. So his image, and what he does, has influence on a lot of young people, so he needs to think about that."


Wetpaint claims Blake Shelton Tweeted Adam Levine's phone number during last night's episode of The Voice. The Tweet read: “HEY EVERYONE!!! Here it is: [redacted] <-- @adamlevine's CELL NUMBER./ Think I'm kidding? Try calling it!! B*tch!!!”


Ron Howard tells The Hollywood Reporter that he may act again. "Now the kids are all grown - empty nest - and she (wife Cheryl) can't wait to get rid of me. (She said) 'Hey, you wanna act?'. Because I do move from film to film, I've never had the time to commit, but one of these days, I am going to make the time."


Entertainmentwise claims George Clooney may owe Nicole Kidman $100,000 if he gets married. In 2007, she told British talk show host Jonathan Ross: "He's just a great guy, great with kids. I bet him he would get married and he keeps inflating the bet - from $100 to $100,000. I still think he will, he's a handsome devil."

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