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Billie Jean IS My Lovah!!!! UPDATE: 3/10

Billie Jean IS My Lovah!!!! UPDATE: 3/10

How about THIS story.


A while ago I reported that a man was claiming to be MJ's son and everyone thought he was just another idiot trying to get money from the Jackson Estate.  Well......check out this UPDATE:


According to the DNA results released online today (Thursday), there's a 99.9 percent chance that 31-year-old Brandon Howard is Michael Jackson's illegitimate son.


Alki David, who presented the results on his website, tells TMZ he got Michael's dental impression through an auction. And though it was 30 years old, he says it was filled with the late legend's DNA. Brandon -- a singer who goes by stage name B Howard -- was not at the unveiling, but for some reason Corey Feldman was.


David would not say which lab performed the DNA test. Interestingly, B Howard is insisting he had nothing to do with it.


Brandon's mom -- Miki Howard -- is a gospel singer who Michael definitely knew. According to TMZ, she went by the name "Billy" back in 1982. A year later, Michael released "Billie Jean," which included the lyrics, "Billie Jean's not my lover" and "The kid is not my son."

I have loaded a PICTURE as well on the MIX FACEBOOK Page if you would like to see him here.



Turns out the kid is not Michael Jackson's son. After TMZ reported that the paternity test was bogus, a man has come forward claiming he's the real father of Brandon Howard.

Augie Johnson tells TMZ he fathered Brandon during his relationship with gospel singer Miki Howard in the '80s -- and has remained in his son's life.

Augie insists his son wasn't behind last week's DNA stunt, telling the gossip blog that it was masterminded by "greedy people" around Brandon.

He also says Brandon's resemblance to the pop star is probably due to surgery.

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